Sri Resin UA-WF-9 Urethane Varnish / Resin for Wood Floor

Sri Resin UA-WF-9 is a one component, room temperature self-crosslinking water based aromatic urethane dispersion synthesized for indoor wood floor applications.  Floors finished with Sri Resins UA-WF-9 has clear look, high gloss with excellent scuff and scratch resistance.  Sri Resin UA-WF-9 can be applied as is and does not require any additional hardener or crosslinker to achieve long lasting scuff resistant floor.

Typical Wet Properties

  • Aromatic Polyurethane Dispersion
  • Appearance = Clear/ translucent/ amber liquid
  • Percent Solids, by weight = 32 %
  • pH (at 25⁰C) = 7.0 to 9.0
  • Viscosity Brookfield, cps @ 25°C = less than 500 cps
  • Weight kg/l, 25°C = 1.04 (±0.03) kg/liter
  • Shelf life = 12 months

Key Benefits/ Dry Film Properties

  • Sri Resin UA-WF-9 can be used as a protective coating for wood flooring.
  • Has excellent wood wetting and enhances wood look
  • Self-crosslinking: Can be applied without need of any hardener
  • Fast dry time
  • High gloss and clarity
  • Film forming at room temperature


Sri Resin UA-WF-9 can be applied directly on clean bare wood floor.  It has very good wood wettability.   Sri Resin UA-WF-9 forms continues film at room temperature and does not require any other coalescing solvents.

Sri Resin UA-WF-9 forms a high glossy film.  If semi-gloss or matt is required Sri Resin UA-WF-9 can be easily formulated by adding matting agents like Evonik Acematt Fumed Silica or other matting agents.

  1. Coverage* : 10 to 15 / liter
  2. Drying Time** : Dry to touch ~ 30 minutes, Tack free time/ through dry ~ 2 hours
  3. Recoat Time: 2 to 4 hours is recommended in between coats for quickest development of final film properties. Sri Resin UA-WF-9 can be recoated in less time, but it will take little longer time for final film properties like water and scuff resistance to develop.

* Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as wood type, roughness and method/ condition of application.
** Drying time based on 25 ⁰C and 50% RH

Resistance Properties

Three coats of Sri Resin UA-WF-9 applied by brush on Teak wood. Tested after air dried for 7 days.

Note : Our internal test shows it only takes 3 to 4 days to get final film properties but recommended to wait for 7 days or more before final use.

House Hold Chemicals 1 hour closed spot test
Water 5
Colin type cleaner 5
Alcohol Resistance 4 – 5
Tomato ketchup 5
Mustard 5
Shoe Polish 5

Rating:  1 = Failure, 5 = No Effect / Best

Mar/ Nail scuff Resistance : Very good Mar / Nail scratch resistance is observed on coated wood after air drying for 7 days.

Handling and Shelf life : 12 months from date of manufacture in original closed containers.  If over exposed to air, darkening of resin color will be noticed inside containers, but this will not have any adverse effects on film properties.


Note: Sri Resin UA-WF-9 is available in NMP/NEP free versions also.