Srishti Resins is established by collaborative minds of international and national scientists with decades of international experience in synthesizing and formulating water and solvent based resins. We make polyurethane dispersion’s, urethane hybrids. We tailor make resins that can be used on various soft substrates like paper, film, and textile and also on hard substrates like wood, metal, plastic and automotive coatings. We take pride in making environmental friendly green resins which uses sustainable raw materials.

Srishti Resins products can be used as protective coatings and gives good water and chemical resistance.Our coatings for wood uses bio-based sustainable raw materials along with petrochemical products getting the best of both worlds. Srishti Resins product for wood floors are hard coatings developed to withstand wear and tear of everyday use and also have very good water and house hold chemical/ cleaners resistance.

We also have coatings that imparts esthetics to substrates. “Sri Resin S-9090” is a water based resin when coated on paper or film or other substrate gives soft/silky/velvety feel and low gloss. We take pride in providing our customers with the resins that can meet their requirements and solve problems. We always want our customer to make best product and want to grow together.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified company.

R&D Customization Capability
Customization areas :



  • Water Based Primers
  • Primers for Film Printing
  • Primers for Food grade film Packing
  • Primers for Pharma Film Packing
  • BisPhenol-A(BPA) Free Primer for Films
  • Heat Sealable resins for Films
  • Zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) resins
  • Water based Polyurethane Resins

Protective Top Coat Resin / Varnish

  • Top Coat Resin for Wood
  • Top Coat Resin for Metals
  • Top Coat Resin for Plastics

Soft Feel Matt Top Coat Varnish / Resin

  • Soft feel Over Print Varnish for Paper
  • Soft feel Over Print Varnish for Film
  • Matt Resin for Plastic
  • Matt Resin for Flexo Graphic Printing
  • Matt Resin for Gravure Printing

Wood Floor Varnish / Resin

  • Wood Floor Resin
  • Wood Floor Glossy Resin
  • Urethane Varnish / Resin for Wood Floor

Protective Top Coat Resin / Varnish

  • Top Coat Resin for PVC
  • Top Coat Resin for Polycarbonate
  • Water based Glossy Top Coat Resin