Water Based Universal Primer-Sri Resin P-1000

Sri Resin P-1000 is an aliphatic urethane dispersion synthesized for primer applications. This product provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates like films and plastics.

Typical Wet Properties

  • Aliphatic Polyurethane Dispersion
  • Appearance = Hazy bluish to whitish liquid
  • Percent Solids, by weight = 27 to 29.0 %
  • pH (@25°C) = 8.0 to 9.5
  • Viscosity Brookfield, cps @ 25°C = less than 200 cps
  • Weight kg/l , 25°C = 1.05 kg/liter
  • Specific gravity of solids, 25°C = 1.05
  • Shelf life 9 to 12 months
  • Has triethyl amine as a neutralizing agent

Key Benefits/ Dry Film Properties

  • Sri Resin P-1000 can be used as a Primer for film packaging, label and graphic applications
  • Has excellent adhesion to various film substrates
  • High bond strength and moisture seal strength is achieved when sealable top coat is used.  Various types of top coats like urethanes, acrylics, vinyl or any hybrids including cationic dispersions are suitable
  • Sri Resin P-1000 is not block free and needs to be top coated in line


Diluting : Sri Resin P-1000 can be diluted with water to lower solids to apply required coat weight.

Defoamers, Wetting and flow aids :
To reduce processing foam the common defoamers like BYK 024 or BYK 025 can be used.
Sri Resin P-1000 has excellent wetting but when in a very dilute system like 5% solids wetting and flow aids like BYK 346 or BYK 348 will help in wetting and flowing.

Crosslinkers : Excellent water and chemical resistance can be obtained by using1 to 5% of crosslinkers like water dispersible isocyanates (Bayhydur 302) or water dispersible polyfunctional aziridines.