Polyurethane Resin (U-7000)

Sri Resin U-7000 is an aliphatic urethane dispersion synthesized for various applications where hardness along with flexibility is required. When applied this product provides excellent abrasion, water, UV resistance to a variety of substrates like wood, metal and plastics.

Typical Wet Properties :

  • Aliphatic Polyurethane Dispersion
  • Appearance =Almost clear liquid
  • Percent Solids, by weight = 32 to 35%
  • pH (@25°C) = 7.5 to 8.5
  • Viscosity Brookfield, cps @ 25°C = less than 500 cps
  • Weight kg/l, 25°C = 1.06 kg/liter
  • Specific gravity of solids, 25°C = 1.06
  • Shelf life 9 to 12 months
  • Has triethyl amine as a neutralizing agent
  • Contains N-Methylpyrrolidone as volatile solvent

Key Benefits/ Dry Film Properties

  • Sri Resin U-7000 can be used as a protective coating for wood, plastic and metal substrates
  • Has 250 to 270 % elongation and also has very high hardness
  • Has good adhesion to various metal and plastic substrates including PVC and polycarbonate
  • The resin can be applied by brush, roller or spayed.  The resin can also be used in Gravure and screen printing inks
  • The resin can be applied as wood floor varnish giving clear, high gloss hard coating.


Defoamers, Wetting and flow aids : 
If needed to reduce processing foam the common defoamers like BYK 024 or BYK 025 can be used. Sri Resin U-7000 has excellent wetting but if needed wetting and flow aids like BYK 346 or BYK 348 will help in wetting and flowing.

Crosslinkers : Excellent chemical resistance can be obtained by using 1 to 3% of crosslinkers like water dispersible isocyanates (Bayhydur 302) or water dispersible polyfunctional aziridines.