NMP Free Polyurthane Resin(U-7002)

Sri Resin U-7002 Polyurethane Dispersion

Sri Resin U-7002 is an aliphatic urethane dispersion synthesized for various applications where medium hardness along with flexibility is required. When applied this product provides excellent abrasion, water, UV resistance to a variety of substrates like wood, metal and plastics.

Typical Wet Properties

  • Aliphatic Polyurethane Dispersion
  • Appearance =Almost clear liquid
  • Percent Solids, by weight = 33 to 35%
  • pH (@25C) = 7.5 to 9
  • Viscosity Brookfield, cps @ 25°C = maximum 500 cps
  • Weight kg/l, 25°C = 1.06 kg/liter
  • Specific gravity of solids, 25°C = 1.06
  • Shelf life 9 to 12 months
  • NMP and NPEO free
  • Very low VOC’s; Below 50 grams per liter

Key Benefits/ Dry Film Properties

  • Sri Resin U-7002 can be used as a protective coating for wood, plastic and metal substrates
  • Has 200 to 250 % elongation and also has high hardness
  • Has good adhesion to various metal and plastic substrates including PVC and polycarbonate
  • The resin can be applied by brush, roller or spayed. The resin can also be used in Gravure and screen printing inks
  • The resin can be applied as wood floor varnish giving clear, high gloss hard coating. 


If some cracking is noticed on substrate coated with Sri Resin U-7002 the resin can be formulated to form continues film by adding small amount of coalescing solvents like DPM, DPnB or Butyl cellulose.

Defoamers, Wetting and flow aids
If needed to reduce processing foam the common defoamers like BYK 024 or BYK 025 can be used. Sri Resin U-7002 has excellent wetting but if needed wetting and flow aids like BYK 346 or BYK 348 will help in wetting and flowing.

Crosslinkers :  Excellent chemical resistance can be obtained by using 1 to 3% of crosslinkers like water dispersible isocyanates (Bayhydur 302) or water dispersible polyfunctional aziridines.